The Midnight Bar & Café

THE MIDNIGHT is a comfortable, quasi-speakeasy bar and café. The theme was conceived from the immense comfort that cafés have brought to my life. Whenever I’m in need of refuge outside of my own home, I bring a backpack full of essentials and settle down at a local coffee shop, where I spend hours working, drawing, and sipping hot coffee in my own peaceful bubble where there’s no pressure to cater to anyone else but myself. However, very few coffee shops are open past the dinner hour, and sometimes I’m just not ready to go home before 6pm. I wanted to translate this unique café experience into a place of refuge where people like myself could seek a nighttime utopia.

Designing this brand really got me to focus on wine label design and crafting collateral for a business. I honed in on an art-deco style reminiscent of the 1920s on the labels to provide a sleek recognizability. The designs were intended to be sophisticated, a little bit elusive, and vintage. In terms of collateral, I envisioned QR code stickers posted across the city to create an air of an elegant scavenger hunt. Retaining the quasi-speakeasy concept while still recognizing the culture of Philadelphia, heavily based in community, conversation, and the “brotherly love” that it is known for was of paramount importance in fashioning The Midnight.

  • Logo set (primary + responsive)
  • Menu system
  • Wine labels
  • Reservation cards
  • Poster

Art Direction: Bryan Satalino
Medium: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign