The final mockup for the invitation package, including a poster, invitation, reply card, and stamps.

Heat Death Apocalypse Invitation Package

Ever wonder what it would be like to witness the end of the world?

This invitation package is based on a predicted apocalyptic event, which consists of an invitation, reply card, postage stamp set, and other collateral. I designed an invitation for the celebration of the epic heat death of the world, which is the point at which entropy gradually progresses until everything maximizes at a uniform temperature. Once heat can no longer be converted into useful work, the universe has effectively concluded.

I created this package in a steampunk style, given the subgenre's emphasis on industrialism. I loved the idea of a fantasy world so reliant on engineering and scientific development slowly coming to a stop, its inevitable end measured by the gradual decay of its inventions. Victorian-era aesthetics are also a joy of mine, which I reflected in my artwork.

  • Advertisement poster
  • Invitation
  • Reply card
  • Stamp set
  • Environmental mockups

Art Direction: Rodd Whitney
Medium: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Procreate