A mockup pattern of the stamp set on a dark wood background.

Chess Stamps Set

This chess stamps set was created out of my personal enjoyment for the game of chess. I did not start playing the game until two years ago, but it is exciting and allows people of all backgrounds to connect with each other through its beauty. However, I wish I had learned how to play at a much younger age, and I envy those who have had a lifelong love for the game and possess a deep understanding of it.

So for this series, I focused on promoting chess amongst children by making the pieces look expressive and fun. Each illustration features one of the six chess pieces with its own facial expression, rendered with bright, youthful colors upon a Victorian-esque background.

  • 6 unique stamp designs
  • Stamp set mockup
  • Realistic environment mockup

Art Direction: Monica Brodovsky                   
Medium: Procreate, Photoshop

A mockup of the chess stamps on a marble table with envelopes, a plant, and a chess set.